Wild Night

5 Jan 2005
Wild Night

Lou and I go to dinner at a place recommended in our Rough Guide. Service was pretty horrible, but the food was OK. I think it cost us about $15. Next we head to an Irish Pub for a quick drink, and someone tries to short change me. I guess the guy thought I gave him a S/27 bill. I still like Arequipa better than Cusco, and it’s the only time it’s happened here. The pub wasn’t that fun, so we headed to the one place that looked like there was something going on. A place called, oddly enough, Deja Vu, which is a strip club in Seattle. This wasn’t a strip club, but it was pretty cheesy just the same. There was a band playing bad rock and roll, and we watched them for most of their set.

Eventually, we start talking to these Peruvian girls, and after a drink they invited us to go to another bar. We figured sure, why not. At this point, little alarms are going off in both Louis and my head. They are nice enough, but something just doesn’t seem right. For one thing, they want to go dancing. Neither one of us likes dancing, and we tell them that. Secondly, they are 20 and 21 respectively. Lou and I are 36 and 39. They still want to go. We go to the other bar, and well, it’s a dance club, but it looks like a strip club. There are only about four other people there (two couples.) I’m thinking Lou and I are going to wake up without wallets later. I figure there are two of us, and it’s been kind of fun so far. We dance quite a bit during the night, and well, it’s kind of fun. Oh – did I mention the girl that I was dancing with didn’t speak ANY english. It’s one reason I was ready to dance.

Now, I dance like I’ve got a bee in my shirt, and Lou, well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. We’ve talked a bit and are trying to figure out what’s going on. Are they Working Girls (Prostitutes?) Well, they aren’t really coming on to us like I would expect a prostitute to do. Granted I don’t have any experience with such things, but you would think they would be crazy sexy to the point we’d want to take ’em home. They didn’t make much eye contact, didn’t really touch us. And they were sexy. Part of being 20 years old I guess. Are they going to slip us something in our drinks? At one point I switch drinks with one of the girls, just to see if they stop drinking the sangria we all are sharing. Nope.

We had a great time, and didn’t get home until 4 a.m. We got some very nice picture with the ladies, that might indicate more happened than really did. I like to call the picture of Louis with his partner “Julie gets a lot of nice Alpaca wool” picture. I was going to save it and use it as blackmail, but he was going to tell her about the night anyway. As we were leaving, the girls got in a taxi, and we noticed that a guy they were talking to in the first bar we were at was driving a taxi, and following us all. He followed the girls taxi home, and it’s one more of the things that puzzled Louis and I. It was after all, 4 a.m. Lou thinks it might be their brother, making sure they get home safe.

Our questions –

Why were they hanging out with us? Dancing? We told them we didn’t dance. We did, but not well.
Free drinks? We got one picture of Sangria and split it. They didn’t drink very much.
Lou and I are sexy love machines? Yeah, well, that’s not it. We’ve seen women around our friend from Cusco, Cameron, and there wasn’t any of that drooling.
A visa to America? Maybe – that’s Lou’s guess. Me, I don’t know.
Just companionship? One spoke poor english, the other none at all.
Strippers? The club we went to looked like a strip club, but they kept their clothes on.

They wanted to go out the next night, but Lou didn’t want to go. I was kind of curious what they wanted from us, but no way was I going alone. Maybe tonight was supposed to be the night they slipped us drugs?

Oddly enough, when I was in Oaxaca, I went out to dinner with the daughter of the woman I was staying with. I walked her home, and as we got closer to her house, she starts getting really nervous. She tells me it’s a dangerous neighborhood, to which I say “then I’ll walk you all the way home.” We were stalked by a guy in a taxi, and that was what was making her nervous. A weird side note, and somehow related. I just don’t know how.

Anyway, sorry the story isn’t more interesting. I’m glad it happened, but I’d love to know what was really going on. But, on to the pictures, which makes it look a lot more fun than it was.


    This cracks me up beyond reckoning.
    YOU GUYS DANCING?! You must have been truly disoriented. I have seen nary a booty shake out of either of you, and we’ve been to a lot of shows. True, Lou will sometimes bust out “The Robot” or “The Cosby” when he’s feeling really frisky…but this is unprecidented!

    Well, it’s one way for me to score some alpaca stuff, and I won’t say no to that!

  2. Hey G! Read all about your exploits. U’r making the rest of us sad folks jealous. Drink a sangria toast. Have fun on the rest of your trip. Hasta la vista. ee!

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