Unemployement problems

The biggest fear I had about this trip was getting screwed on unemployment insurance. I’ve collected on since I left Wireless, except for one week I forgot to claim, and the week after (because it’s a hassle getting it started back up again.) Generally it’s a piece of cake, unless you get called in for a “Job Search Review.” What that means is that you have to go in person to the unemployment office, and they go over your last three job searches (which is one weeks worth.) If you miss that appointment, you have to go in and review all the weeks you missed, or else give back all the money they’ve given you. On the second of August, I got a notice in the mail that I was selected for a job search review, and the review was on the 17th of August. Peggy picked up my mail a day or two after I was supposed to be at the unemployment office. What does all this mean? I don’t know. Since I haven’t gotten unemployment insurance in the month of August, I should be OK, but that’s not the way the government works. It probably could mean a bunch of different things, none of them good. I currently don’t know what to do. Pay the money back. It’s 4 – 6K, which is a lot of money. Add to that I still have to get my front porch fixed, and it’s starting to look like this trip is going to turn into a race to South America. This is exactly my worse case scenario.

With that in mind, I think I’m going to spend more time driving, and less time trying to learn Spanish. I still think I’ll hole up on a beach in Costa Rica somewhere.

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  1. Terrible news! Too bad you can’t swing a cheap flight, leave your cycle at the airport, and go to Seattle for a few days to take care of business.

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