It’s expensive getting to Iceland. We were gently looking at tickets for a little while, but didn’t make the jump until this weekend. It looks like we are flying from Seattle to New York on June 22nd, spend three days in New York and fly to Iceland the night of the 25th on the red eye. We leave Reykjavik on the 6th of July, spend that night near the airport, and fly back to Seattle on Saturday the 7th.

We now need to find a hotels (NY and Iceland), get a rental vehicle. There is a part of me thinking how great it would be to ship my motorcycle over and ride around the island. I think a RV type vehicle would be more appropriate, and may save us money. The current plan is to circumvent the island, and see as much of the interior as possible. This will allow us to get to the far away place on this far away island where we will wed.

Word is that you can drive around the island in two or three days if you don’t stop. If we give ourselves 7 or 10 days we’ll be fine. I’m excited about the things we will see. It’s a unique place.