Three weeks and Two Days left

We rented a 4×4 camper. Basically it’s a Dodge pickup with a camper on top that should comfortably sleep Greg and I and still give us room to cook and hang out. It’s about the same price as a hotel room per day would be with the added benefit of being mobile. Plus, we can cook on it, etc.

We pick it up in Reykjavik on the 29th and have 7 days to explore the island before dropping it off at the airport on the 6th, hours before we fly back to NYC. There are plenty of campsites around so I don’t think we’ll have any trouble finding places to park and sleep as well as get showers, picnic, etc.

The next step is boxing up warm clothes and hiking stuff along with my wedding dress and a suit for Greg to ship to the hotel in Reykjavik. One less thing to pack and schlep on the plane with us. Plus our 3 days in Connecticut will no doubt be hot and I don’t want to open the suitcase looking for a swimsuit to have my North Face parka fall out. With global warming clearly in affect it could be quite mild in Iceland. But certain parts of the Island are known to be wetter and colder than others. I’m looking forward to plenty of dips in the many geothermal pools.