Santa Fe

Took the bus into downtown Santa Fe, about five miles away. It was a pleasant enough bus ride, cheap and short wait. It was a nice enough time, but Santa Fe isn’t really the place for me. It’s pretty and historic, but I don’t think I’m their demographics. Had I been here with someone or interested in shopping, that might have made a difference. There is a church from 1610, with the current building built in 1886. Out front they have a statue of Kateri Tekakwitha, who was the “First Indian of North America to be Promoted a Saint.” She is apparently the patron saint of large ankles.


  1. You are a cool customer, Greg. I know if there was a loose bolt stuck against my oil filter I would be pretty nervous.

    Hey, I interviewed twice at Speakeasy this week for an analyst position. I am thinking they will make me an offer next week and boy that would be nice to eat hot dogs at the coney island place on 2nd or tuna rolls at wasabi instead of boring old Premera sandwiches each day.

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