Nothing in Denver

Today was a pretty good day. I had several things I wanted/needed to do, and nothing but time. I’ve updated my blog that you read now. I also did a valve job on my bike. It’s only been about 3K since my last valve job, which is too soon. I know how to do them, but I’m not good at it. There is an art too it – minor adjustments you have to make (moving your wrench just enough to get .030mm, but not .031mm or .029mm, and make sure it’s the same after you tighten down the locknut) – a “feel” that has to be just right for it to work. This is one of the things I wish Dewey (my father – a long time biker and excellent mechanic) was able to come to Seattle while I was preping my bike. I still don’t know if it’s right or not, but it’s right now. If it goes out of alignment, I’ll just do it again in a couple thousand miles. I’ll get it right sooner or later. One thing I really like about riding a motorcycle

is the feel you get for the bike. I can tell when my valves need adjusting, when I’m running a little low on oil, tires need air or I’m carrying too much weight and I have to adjust my shocks. It’s almost like an extension of my body. An extension that will let me go 120MPH or get run over by some soccer mom more concerned about her child having enough soda than keeping another human alive. But I rant.

Before my valve job, I went for a walk in the general area where I am staying, looking for a few items to help with my valve job (latex gloves, metric wrenches, size 10 and 16mm.) Walking down the street this woman handed me a card. Normally I don’t take these, but I did out of suprise and shock, and well, she was kind of cute. The card said “SMART CARD – place your thumb firmly on the red box for 15 seconds. If you are a “good” person, it will turn greenish-blue.” Eventually I found out the fucking thing doesn’t ever change colors. It’s always red. God damned woman gave me card whose sole purpose was to make me feel like I’m a bad person. It’s like my childhood all over again. And just like my childhood, it’s not very nice.

As luck would have it, Jay and Chris sold their house today. I happened to be sitting around the hacienda, working on my bike, and they happened to be gone most of the day. I got to take care of the dogs. About 5 p.m., I noticed that the pack was looking at me like I was the second coming of Jesus or a big side of beef. About the time I figured out they were hungry, Jay called and gave me the code on how to feed them. There was an order, different amounts, and even a little bit of protection for the little dog. I also promised to scoop poop from the little dog (don’t ask.) Thanks to luck and a bit of duct tape, I didn’t have to. These little guys worshipped me like a god. Following me everywhere, shivering when I bend down to pet ’em, trying to remove the duct tape. It made me feel like a big man.

I also got to hook up a wireless router for these guys. I guess it was really more for me than them, since it let me be a bit of a geek, a fix I always need. I’m hoping I can talk them into letting me turn their only PC into a linux server with a T1 line. Just because.

Jay and Chris were doing there house thing for most of the day and long into the night. I grilled a nice ribeye for myself – probably the last meal I’ll cook for myself for a long time. Jay works for DirecTV, so he’s got every channel they make. Lets see – big ribeye, lot’s of cable channels and wireless internet connection. I’m planning to stay for the next two months – that is, unless Jay and Chris start hanging around.

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  1. You know if you’re deciding to hit El Paso, TX, be sure to check out Chico’s Tacos. By far the best thing in El Paso. They have three locations, (McRae, Montana, and I forget where else)

    About two hours east of El Paso is Guadalupe Nat’l Monument. The highest point in Texas and nice and cool at the top with an incredible view. Plus nearby is Carlsbad Caverns. Cheap hotels and camping abound.

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