Notes from my travels..

Things I’ve done too much of –

Worn the same two changes of clothes over and over again

Sniffed my clothes to see if I can wear them again. More often than not, I ended up with a plaque clearing, head shaking “woah.”

Eaten dinner alone. ( I wonder if it’s related to wearing the same clothes over and over again. )

Watched bad, mindless TV in my hotel room. I knew it was time to go when I came across a Fran Drescher (The Beautician and the Beast) movie, and I WATCHED IT!!



Chicken with french fries. Everybody eats chicken with french fries outside of Brazil and Argentina. And when you can find something else, you almost always get french fries.

Bad coffee.

Things I haven’t done enough of –

Learned enough Spanish or Portuguese

Seen enough of the world, specifically, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Lan Peru

Seen enough Brazilian beaches, specifically bikinis.

Started a revolution in Bolivia, becoming El Presidente. I was sick the entire time I was there, restricting my political goals.

Law and Order and CSI – Las Vegas. I’ve gotten kind of addicted to these shows, I’m hate to admit. I haven’t watched hour long TV shows since “Hill Street Blues.” Then again, the other option was well, staring at the walls.

Taken enough pictures.

Brazilian steak houses.

Argentinean steak houses.

Things I’ve learned…

Seattle is the greatest city I’ve come across. Buenos Aires was pretty nice, and I could probably have been talked into living there. But Seattle has it all – geeks, different cultures, art, music, fast and free internet access, mountains, CSI and Law and Order, pasty women (wait – strike that.) and gadgets.

America leads the world in bathroom technology. Granted the Japanese have a pretty good lock on the toilets, but they can’t compete with our whole package – shower and toilet. I start my showers now with a rousing “Star Spangled Banner”, a salute, and occasionally a tear.

I’m tired of being single. I’ve seen a lot of really cool stuff, but I want someone to share it with. I have this to refer too, but it’s not the same. The times spent with Louis were some of the best time of my trip, and a large part of it was there was someone to talk to. I don’t think I’m going to take a trip alone again.

I like my country more now than I did before. I mean I liked it before, but now, I think it’s even cooler. Especially the showers, and the soft, soft toilet paper that you flush away.

People in the US are horrible drivers. I didn’t see bad drivers anywhere in Latin America. The only wreck I saw was in Buenos Aires, where, incidentally, they are the most polite (no horns, respected pedestrians, etc.)

I’ll go back to Argentina.

I still can’t grow a beard.