Lolo pass

Got an early start today, since the guy in the room next to mine was deaf. I give him credit for trying to live a normal life, to do the things that we all take for granted, such as watch TV. His can-do attitude didn’t stop him. Nope – he just turned the TV up loud enough to feel.

I was on the road by 8 a.m. after screwing around for quite a while and a bad shower. Took Highway 12 to Missoula. If you’ve never been on this road, it’s amazing. It follows a river for a long time – it’s two lanes, and very twisty. I was pretty tired from my early awakening, so I stopped and took a short nap on a park bench, vastly improving my enjoyment of the rest of the day. Found a couple of chick publication in one of those national park restrooms. Those are always a hoot to read. Like candy for an atheist. Ended up in Helena, MT for the night. Did something like 380 miles today, on a rather long day.

Found a too expensive hotel that had internet access, then rebuilt my blog. Helena is a pretty nice little town, at least downtown. I walked downtown from my hotel, and passed four of those payday loan places. Sad to see so many in such a nice little town.