Last of Bolivia

25 Jan 5
La Paz, Bolivia

The night before I was supposed to leave I’m having a hard time sleeping – something to do with my having slept for so many hours when I was getting over the very last of my sickness. On TV there wasn’t a lot, BUT, there was a fashion show. I’d seen a few other fashion shows during my time in La Paz, and in Latin America. It’s apparently something they take very seriously. This one wasn’t a lot different, other than the fact it was on public TV in La Paz., which is something like public access TV in Spokane or Yakima. It was very, very funny, and well, it was late, and there wasn’t anything else on, so I watched. And laughed.

It had a very Zoolander feel to it. The models, if you could call them that, were all over the board. At this time, I hadn’t been to Brazil yet, so some were looking pretty good. There was a wide range of women, and they all looked like they were about to throw up because of nerves. I did luck into the swimsuit portion of the show, which is really the only part of a runway modeling worth looking at. I don’t know the order, but they had the prettiest girls last. First you had the normal looking girls come out, one by one, some pretty and some not, all looking like they would rather be somewhere else. Then as you got further into the batting order, things started getting interesting. One of the early girls had a very big swimsuit on – sort of an Amish number. A little later, one had way too much cellulite for someone so young, or for someone on a stage. Eventually one woman took it up a notch by going with a thong bikini (Daring!!) In an even more daring move the next girl came out with a thong bikini AND oil. Very blue steel. It made me laugh, it made me cheer, and I finally went to sleep.

The other disturbing thing on TV in La Paz was the number of dead people. I’ve never really seen a dead person on TV before, and here I probably saw one every two nights. And it wasn’t the covered dead people, with a clean white blanket and maybe feet sticking out. Nope – it was dead people with bullet holes and blood and staring eyes. Very unpleasant.