Justines Take on the Whole Thing

It’s actually all my fault. They say that it’s a woman’s perrogative to change her mind so that’s what I’ve done re:wedding venue and location. The easiest part of getting married is knowing without a doubt that Greg is the one for me. We met almost a year ago and, while I didn’t get a word in edgewise (:>)on the first date at The Matador, by the 4th date we’d had time to get to know each other and I knew he was the one for me.

Several weeks later I said “so long” to life in Ballard and moved up to Phinney Ridge and into Cainmanor. A step up in many ways! Sorry Ballard, but the Ridge is where it’s at.

There was never any doubt in my mind that we’d eventually get married and spend the rest of our lives together, but I was surprised when, at the end of a lovely marina-side dinner in Puerto Vallarta, Greg proposed! Looking back, I did think it a bit odd that he was acting a bit nervous at dinner and gulped down his margarita and then turned to my pina colada… I chalked it up to the fact that we’d just spent the entire day in a very cold and foggy mining town up in the hills. The ride up and back made us all car sick so I figured Greg was “recovering”. Little did I know. The answer of course was yes! Then I heard about the plans for the 23rd of June at the Rose Garden and Smith Tower. Fine by me I said…….

Fast forward a few months later and Justine starts to think that maybe she doesn’t really want to get married in Seattle after all. It is very romantic that the venues and date had been chosen, but…. hmm… it all seems so normal. The wedding expo I attended brought the whole thing home about how expensive these events can be. Factor in your venue site, the catering, the booze, music, flowers, dress, tux, rings, planning for out-of-town guests, and wow! You’ve just spent almost as much on a 4 hour event as you could traveling to Iceland.

I am pretty sure it was Greg’s idea to go to Iceland for the honeymoon. After all, it meant he could use the joke about how he’ll be ready for how frigid things are once married. HA HA! So one discussion led to another and we decided, to blow off the Seattle wedding, disappointing friends and family and head instead to the Land of the Midnight Sun to get married and start our new life as Mr. and Mrs. there.

We leave on June 22nd and as of today still aren’t sure where and what date we’ll get married. It’s relatively easy for U.S. citizens to get married there. Just need to prove you aren’t related (we aren’t), are over 18 (I barely am) and aren’t currently married to anyone else (check).

I do know that the photos I’ve seen are spectacular, that we will experience over 20 hours of continuous daylight and that it’s very expensive! Oh and they serve this one dish of fermented shark that they bury in the ground for several years to “cure” it before digging it up to serve as a delicacy. Apparently it tastes like blue cheese. No thanks! Maybe Greg will try it.

Stay tuned….