A new start

Justine & I met on May 2nd, 2006. I’d just gotten a new job, after being unemployed for almost two years. Fast forward a few months, and we are living together. Fast forward to [December|January] and we get engaged in Puerto Vallarta.

Initially, my idea was to get married in Seattle. We would have the actual ceremony at the Rose Garden beside the Zoo, and so close to my house, followed by a reception at the top of the Smith Tower. We first scrapped the Rose Garden because it made things so much more logistically difficult. After spending months planning for a wedding at the top of the Smith Tower, we decided to stop the Seattle wedding all together.

What was our new plan? First, we apologized to everyone that had made plans. Then, on to Iceland. Initially we were going to go to Iceland for the honeymoon, since there aren’t a lot of times you can go to Iceland, and we needed to get away from all the people that flew in from out of town (as tradition dictates.) We figured, if we are going to Iceland anyway, we might as well get married there.

This blog picks up here. It is an attempt to journal our thought processes, our moments of “yow – that’s expensive” and to help us remember these things as we find ourselves removed from them.

Wish us luck… Greg