In Buenos Aires

Hello Again,

I am currently in lovely, lovely Buenos Aires. I leave Friday morning (tomorrow) at 6 a.m. for a flight to Ushuaia – AKA the end of the earth, and the end of my trip. It was my original goal for my trip, but that was on my motorcycle. Now, it’s just a good place to go for some hiking.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful place. Some call it the Paris of Latin America, but I think that is unfair. I think of Paris as the Buenos Aires of Europe. If you have vacation plans for somewhere else, I recommend you cancel them right now, and come to Buenos Aires. You will thank me. It’s romantic, and beautiful and classy and full of good food and great wine and good weather. It’s not as much fun alone, since much of the interest cry out for romance, but it’s still great.

One area that has been lacking is the internet access. There are a lot of cafes, but no place to get my precious (laptop) online. With time running out, and much of the cafes very scary from a security standpoint, I haven’t been updating like I should. This will probably be my last update until I get back to Seattle, on the 25th.