I love this stuff

12 Jan 2005
Arequipa, Peru

Today I got a haircut.

I couldn’t tell if it my the person cutting my hair born a woman or a man. Decent curves (oddly enough, I don’t know if the men here have curves or not. It’s never been important to me before), full breast, long hair, very long nail – all woman. BUT, man hands, very deep voice, and well, that just kind of forced femininity (long hair, very long nails.) With the long hair I couldn’t get a good look at the adams apple, which is supposed to be a give away. I didn’t want to stare, because if it’s a woman, I’m looking at her breast, and if it’s a once-man, then I’m looking at his secret. And they’ve got the scissors.

So while sitting there getting my haircut, in Arequipa, Peru, CHIPs was on TV, in Spanish, and Ponch and Jon were having an old fashion hoe down. Then, just because it needed to be just a little more surreal to make it worth writing about, the spray she used on my hair to wet it down was labeled “Placenta.” I sure hope that has another meaning in Spanish. My hair did end up feeling pretty good though. The cut was S/10, which is about $3. I tipped her $.60.

It might not sound that odd now, but to me, it was pretty surreal. First I’m thinking “man or woman”, then Ponch and Jon start in on a little dance number, and then I get “Placenta” in my hair. I live for moments like this.