Helena to Billings

Thursday 7/30/4
Left Helena pretty late. I spent part of the morning getting this blog working correctly, or at least more correctly, and part of it sleeping. I didn’t hit the road till it was late and warm. Since I’m not on a schedule, I should try and take my time, or so people keep telling me. Travelling in the US is more expensive than I’d like. Need to get to Mexico to save some money.

I took HWY 12 out of Helena, and stopped for lunch in a town called Livingston, in a bar from 1889. Friday and Saturday is the annual rodeo. I wish I’d had the time or more of an inclination to stop. Had a real nice conversation with a guy in town to judge some of the 4H contest (photography and a few others.)

A little further down the road, I came upon this amazing house in the middle of nowhere. Once I learn how to post pictures in this blog, I’ll post my picture, but meanwhile, you can visit this [edit – link dead] to see the house. It is amazing, and built for $145K, which is cheap for any house ( $225 with land. ) If you want to see some of the other amazing houses he’s done, go here

Later I ended up going through Harlowton. Dewey, Troy and I spent a couple of hours going through some guys’ personal motorcycle collection/museum when we were out here a few years ago. I’d always wondered where that was. Couldn’t quite tell if he was still in business or not

Rolled into Billings about 5 p.m., and got too nice of a hotel for the likes of me. King Bed (good), smoking room (bad.) Billings is a a clean, well lit place. As you come into town, you’re on a bluff overlooking the town, then you drop down several hundred feet in the matter of a mile or two. People are friendly, as they are everywhere in Montana. It reminds me of Missoula. These would be great cities if they weren’t in the middle of freakin’ nowhere.

It was a good day riding. Those roads are fantastic, and the speed limit is 70 on most of them. Going 80 I had one cop motion for me to slow down (but a few others pass right on by.) 80 isn’t that fast. At that speed I was getting passed a lot. Oregon, by contrast, has a speed limit of 55 or 60 on most of it’s back roads. Got a few raindrops on me, but suited up thinking I was headed for a deluge. So far I’ve been lucky, but I don’t expect it to continue for too long.


  1. Hi Greg!
    Good to hear that you’re doing OK. You’re making good progress! Take care! Gabi and Paul

  2. Greg-

    Right-o. I’m really looking forward to more installments of DIP. Especially when pics become available. Now if I can just get this darned RSS aggrigator to work…. :)

    Ride safe.


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