Friday, June 29th

Today we woke up early…. Our last day in Reykjavik. I was up most of the night. I pretty much figure that I’m not going to get any real sleep on this trip. It’s partly the jet lag, but mostly the fact that it’s sunny round the clock. I think the body can go for a lot longer when it’s sunny. I’m constantly tired, but happy to be here so it really doesn’t matter. The fact that they have coffee and it’s pretty good helps. So, we got up and packed up our stuff. We have too much, but there wasn’t any way to tell what the weather would do. Warm down jackets and rain parkas haven’t been needed yet.

We had our last coffee at a cafe in Reykjavik. Most of the cafes double as bars and restaurants. The cafe we stopped at had just closed at 5:30am and still had a boozey and cigarette smell inside. After breakfast we wandered back to the hotel, checked out and then went to the 870 +-2 or “The Settlement” exhibit right beneath the hotel. Greg wrote more about this than I will but it was a fascinating exhibit. We then caught the Flybus to the Reykjavik bus terminal where we met up with Madeleine and Felix our 4×4 camper duo (From Switzerland where the rental offices are located). They went over the ins and outs of the camper, etc. We were on the road by 12:45pm for the next chapter of our adventure. We went west instead of east but that was fine.

We drove out of the city on Highway 1 and the scenery changed quickly. Lava fields, tundra-like terrain and lots of sheep, horses and cows. We drove for aways and then stopped at a lovely waterfall where we had a short hike, took photos, and had a dip in the water. Not too cold and very nice!

On our way again we stopped at various sites and after driving 5 hours pulled into Blonduos, a relatively large town on the west side of the Saubraukrokur Peninsula with the requisite thermal pool, bakery, grocery store, textile museum and lovely campground. Most people that stop here are hikers, cyclists and campers on their way to hike in the fjords or fish in the river Banhos which has a lot of salmon. A one day fishing license however is $300! No way. We parked the camper in the campground which was right on the river and had laundry facilities, showers, etc. We picked up some lamb steaks at the local grocery store with towels and other things we needed. The shower felt great. The hot water comes up right from the earth and is very hot, however it smells very strongly of sulfur. I don’t feel bad about long hot showers, but the smell makes you want to not linger too long. It felt great to bathe and dinner was wonderful. My first dinner cooking for Greg since becoming his wife. We were hungry so anything would have been good. Others at the campground were German and from Iceland. People were still rolling in around 2am. No sleep again for me. The camper was comfortable enough. We started out cold but it got hot quickly.