Finally on the road

Tuesday, July 27th, AKA Day One..

Today I did 352.9 miles, after a late start (11:30 a.m.) I had to take care of a few personal task before I left. It wasn’t easy doing these last minute task, as it finally hit me what I’m doing. Got no job, no house, not much of a plan for the future and on the downside of 38. I’m lucky that the last few months I’ve been too busy to realize this. Once I was on the road, the shock wore off.

On to the ride – I left Seattle heading down I-90. Just after the Columbia river is Hwy 26, which goes through Othello. In Othello, I had a great lunch – a plate size burrito – for $5. Spent a little bit of time chatting with the owner about his business. A really nice guy who was working his backside off to make his restaurant work. Wish I had gotten his name or the name of the business.

After lunch I continued down to 195 which will take you Lewiston, then Clarkston where I spend the night. The entire trip was hazy, from I assume the various fires going on in Washington State. Too bad, since there was a lot of beautiful country to see, and I would have liked to photograph.

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  1. Greg! I just read your blog out loud to Erin on the phone. Keep writing ‘cus you do have an audience laughing out loud even if you didn’t intend us to.

    PS. Need more photos!!!

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