Everybody was kung fu fighting

21 Jan 5
La Paz, Bolivia

Today I’m leaving an internet cafe I’ve been to a few times. I like to vary my internet cafe routine, because if someone knew exactly how much time I was spending online, well they might think I’m a loser. Here traveling in a foreign country, and all I can do is go from cafe to cafe, from web site to web site. So I can pretend to be cool by just going from one to another.

This cafe is up a flight of stairs, and pretty “faux hacker.” Lots of black, dim lights, online gaming, and quite a bit of smoking. I like it, you know, other than the smoking. It’s over a clothing store catering to teen and early twenty year old girls, with sexy mannequins all aver the place. As I pay for my internet time, I see that it’s raining outside. When it rains here, it rains hard, not the kind of rain we get in Seattle. Being in a bowl, the rain on the hillside funnels down into the city, and there is rain running down all the streets, a lot of the sidewalks, puddles galore, etc. And everybody has their 8 sided eye pokers ( I think they are called umbrellas by some people.)

As I’m leaving the cafe, I have to go around a guy standing on the stairs. I slip, and it was glorious – a perfect, flying karate kick to the midsection of a mannequin at the bottom of the stairs. The mannequin explodes into as many pieces as it can – the legs went one way, the upper torso the other. Three people run over to pick the mannequin up, but well, it’s in too many parts. One guy picks up the torso, but he can’t. As he’s picking it up, one arm falls off, which he reaches for. As he went for that arm, the other arms starts to fall. He goes for that one to, dropping the torso in the process. I never saw the head again. I’m laying there trying to figure out how to be funny, but all I managed was a “desculpe” – which I think means excuse me. And no one else ever said a word as I stood up, zipped my jacket and walked into the rain.