Denver, CO and a change of tact

I’m going to be in Denver for a couple of days. Why? Well, I decided to have Peggy ship my Nikon D100 SLR out. The camping gear takes up too much space, and I decided I’d rather take pictures than hike. I wouldn’t be able to go on a multi day hike with my expensive camera gear on my bike, and, well, I think I’d just rather take pictures. I’m not sure it’s the right answer, but I had to make the call. So, I await my camera in Denver.

Jay and Chris are selling their house

which adds a lot of odd energy to this stay. For instance, yesterday we had to be out of the house for several hours while the house was being shown. Not that big of a deal, except for they own a whole squadron of little dogs (four.) Entertaining little dogs isn’t quite as much fun as entertaining children. Well, chicks dig 5 year olds more than shaking dogs. I’m here as much to spend time with Jay and Chris, not pick up girls, so what we do doesn’t matter too much.

We did a little bit of house hunting. It’s always interesting to see what houses from different markets sell for. It seems like every house we looked at had a separate bath and shower. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in Seattle. Seems like a good idea. Overall houses seem to be quite a bit cheaper in Denver than in Seattle, but I haven’t seen the whole market.

Denver has been hot, hot, hot. And dry. I’ve had several nose bleeds since I’ve been here. Chris has them all the time – I don’t know how he deals with it. I’m looking forward to leaving Denver so this doesn’t happen any more.

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  1. 1) Denver, altitude:
    + Drink Lots of Water;
    + Go Easy on the Beer.

    2) Nosebleeds, dry air:
    + saline solution for the nose. Really.

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