Dates of our Trip

We leave Seattle on Friday, June 22nd on good ol’ Jet Blue. I love the red eye flights. Seriously, you waste no daytime flying. We land in NYC the next morning. Thank god for my parents who have graciously offered to pick us at at the crack of dawn and escort us out to Connecticut. We’ll stay with them for several days enjoying the beach, some time in Manhattan, etc., before heading to Iceland on the 25th. We arrive in Iceland on the 26th and head back to the States on July 6th. This will give us a nice long time to expolore.

Our current thought is that we’ll no doubt go broke b/c this place is so expensive so we may as well experience everything we can. I think we’ll spend a few days in Reykjavik before heading out into the countryside. There is lots to do in the capitol, museums, bars, festivals, long summer days, food, the Blue Lagoon hot springs, etc. The plan is to then rent a 4×4 camper and take off to see the rest of the island. It’s $350 a day for the camper but that will be our hotel, etc. I figure we’ll eat at the grocery stores and cook in our camper stove.
One thought is to try and get to Greenland for several days. There are daily flights from Iceland and aren’t too spendy. It’s a two hour flight. Or the Faroe Islands. Either way, we’ll probably not get back to these areas again so should see them now.