Crossing Ts and dotting Is

We are starting to get things sorted out. We’ve had our marriage papers now for several weeks and finally filled them out. They were so helpful to include a blank document in which each line had been numbered with the corresponding directions for each space in English. Otherwise we’d never had known what to write. So the forms are filled out. The nice thing is that we can have our best man and best woman witness the papers for us here. They don’t have to be there with us in Iceland. They sign off on the letters of honour.

My friend Cheryl graciously vouched for me that I am me. And Greg’s best friend James has done the same. The Best man actually has to certify in several places, vouching for both Greg and I. I’m sorry that these special people won’t be able to be there with us, but what can you do? Forever their signatures will be on record at the Magistrate’s office in Reykjavik.

Greg bought a great Canon Camcorder which records in high definition, plus we’ll take the digital camera so we’ll photo-document everything and can share with friends and family.

Last night PBS had a special on Super Volcanoes and specifically spoke of Iceland. It is fun to see pictures of the Island, one with more active volcanoes than anywhere else. It really is a gorgeous place. By 2008 they say that they’ll not rely on oil at all there b/c of all the geothermal energy. It must be great to have hot springs all over the place particularly throughout the cold and dark winter days.

Today we booked our hotel in Reykjavik. I’m getting better at being able to spell this without messing up! We’ll spend the first three nights there. We arrive Tuesday, June 26th at 6am and can’t check in until 2pm. Then at 3pm that day we have a standing appointment for a civil marraige service at the Magistrate’s office in Reykjavik. This could be interesting as Greg and I will no doubt be jet lagged. I’m hoping the hotel lets us in early as I’d like to at least have a shower before I become an honest woman!

I hope we can do a church ceremony in a remote place instead of or at least in addition to the one in the city. But since we aren’t Lutheran and it’s hard to actually track down a church via the Internet or guidebook, I’m thinking we’ll send the papers in to both the magistrate’s office for a civil service and the Dean of Reykjavik for a church service. Cover all bases!

Maybe we can meet Bjork??

Wrote to the Reverand of Reykjavik West pleading him to give us a blessing at least. It would be great to find a church out in the countryside, at least for a photo op. This is, however the land where many still believe in trolls, elves and goblins so maybe one of those can be a witness for us? Very Lord of the Rings which suits Greg perfectly.