Coatzacoalcos to Altamira

<done from memory 8/30/10>

Mexico has never seemed like a larger country than when I was driving balls to the wall trying to get out of it.

I left Coatzacoalcos early, and drove most of the day.   I don’t remember much about that day other than bad roads (MX has huge traffic bumps – much higher than the US, and on main (non-toll) roads. )  Along the road, I had a decent lunch at a waterfront open air restaurant.  It was very fresh, cute waitress, and very overcast.   Otherwise, there was some rain, and I passed quite a few waterfront RV parks (getting closer to the US?)

Drove through Tampico, and into a little suburb called Altamira.  I found a hotel on the main drag that offered parking (that should sound familiar.)  It wasn’t too bad, and I the TV had all the channels, so it seemed appropriate.    Once I got there, and showered, the sun was down.  I walked down to a Taco cart and got a few tacos.  It was pretty nice, and a decent end to MX for me.   In the morning, I got an early start, and watched two high school lovers check into my hotel.