Casper, WY to Denver, CO

Got up early thinking Tequila isn’t my friend. Got my crap packed up again, and hit the road somewhat early, as I wanted to be in Denver for a Dinner party my friends Jay and Chris were throwing (and I was crashing.) I took Highway 220 out of Casper, then 487 south to Medicine Bow. 487 was a great, desolate road. Not a lot of cars, not many people, but more dead animals than I’ve seen anywhere. Maybe since there isn’t much traffic the animals get complacent. Or maybe it was just a death trap, a suicide rap. When I got to Medicine Bow, I didn’t see anyone in the town. It was odd. No children playing, no people out front. Seemed like something out of a horror movie.

From there I took 287, where I saw some guy on one of those old time bicycles with the huge front tire and tiny rear tire tooling down the highway. A very odd sight. I found my way to 80, where the scenery was fantastic, much better than the desolate road I started on (and fewer dead animals.) From 80, I hit 25 in Cheyenne which took me to Denver, and almost to their front door.

Once I got to Denver, I had a heck of a time finding Jay and Chris. I drove by their house, but for some reason I had the address wrong. Eventually, in frustration, I placed a call and found them. As I mentioned earlier, they were having a dinner party. I was the token straight guy. They were pretty nice about it, and didn’t make me wear a Denver Broncos jersey or anything like that. I had a great time, and got a few tips for places to go (one of the guys there was a spanish teacher.) Probably the highlight of the evening was when Chris dropped an entire cake on the ground. Or it might be that one time I made everybody laugh. Either way, from my experiences, being gay seems to be a lot of fun.


  1. Greg
    Glad to hear your journey has started! Looking forward to reading the installments as we prepare to go ourselves. Happy Trails.


  2. Hey Greg,
    Glad to see that you are finally getting to make your trip. Wish I had a motorcycle and could have gone along with you. Have fun and be safe.


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