Uluru to King’s Canyon Wilderness Resort

While we were staying at the Outback Pioneer, I was worried that we’d gone too cheap. The room wasn’t that nice and I was worried that the next night or two would be equally as dismal. It took some trying, but I eventually got the number of the touring company we were using (APT), and asked about the quality of the accommodations we were getting. Eventually I was able to talk a nice lady with the name of Justine about our accommodations tonight (it was, according to the brochure, deluxe tent camping), and she assured me it was the nicest of the places we could stay. I took her at her word, but still – tent camping?

Our coach takes us to a camel farm, where we meet up with an Aussie guy a very outback looking Land Cruiser (no Leather Upholstery or seat back DVD players in this bad boy) that’s to take us to our Deluxe Tent. When we roll up to the property, there is a fence I have to open, and some deep red sand we drove through for a KM or two. Once we arrive, the first thing we see is some solar panels – they get 60% of their electricity from solar here (we got a speech about how they try to be eco friendly here.) We check in, and by god, it’s fantastic. We have what appears to be a California King bed, a separate bathroom suite, size large, AC – the works. It’s probably the nicest place we’ve stayed yet. I was very, very surprised by this, and to top it off, we get dinner and breakfast included. I’m leaving here at 5:15 for a Canyon hike, so no breakfast for me. It was a very tasty dinner, cooked by a chef that looked a lot like Alby Mangus. The dinner crowd was heavily tilted to Nordic countries – a mother, father and their 37 year old doctor son from Finland, two brothers from Norway, a man and his wife from Norway (the Norway folks didn’t know each other previously), and an Italian couple. We had dinner with the three Finnish people, which was nice, but I felt guilty for talking almost exclusively with the son. He spoke very good english, was a good conversationalist, and a bit of geek. We went to bed with the hum of the air conditioner drowning out the crickets, and slept like children.