We flew into Perth somewhat early in the day – around noon. On the way into town, we were stopped by a temporary blockade. While waiting, there was a Formula race car that went down the streets that were closed off from stopping us. Oddly enough, we never saw any other evidence of Formula cars, or races, or anything else. There were quite a few photographers for the cars short journey, so they knew something about it. Our hotel was on Hay Street, which was the main shopping stretch in Perth. After checking in, we walked down a side alley and found a sushi restaurant where we ate a small lunch. We then walked along the Swan river, found a place that rented bikes (see Biking to Fremantle) and took a short visit to the Perth Mint (but didn’t pay $12 to go in.) We then bought some booze, had an early dinner (5:30 – too late for old people special, but too early for any attractive people), and turned in kinda early.