Big Day, and my last night in Seattle

When it comes to days full of excitement, sadness and stress, I think I may have topped them all. In the course of this day I –

– Spent almost $700 shipping five boxes to Australia
– Sold my Toyota 4Runner. I bought it brand new in 1998, put 126K miles on it, and never had a bit of trouble. I got rid of the one thing that always worked, and that I could count on. I loved that truck.
– Had a contractor start replacing the front porch. The replacement started with a bunch of destruction that rattled the walls, and made sounds like the house was going to fall down.
– Said goodbye to some friends, including my neighbors Gregg & Susan. On warm summer evenings, Gregg would be playing his piano with the windows open, which was a wonderful thing. They often had parties – jam sessions of some of their jazz friends, and we’d sit downstairs and talk with the music going on overhead. It was a magical experience they brought into our lives, and I’ll miss them terribly.
– Decided to sell Cain Manor. Luckily, Cain Manor is where I am, so I guess I’m really selling the house. Until it’s sold, it’s still Cain Manor. While the house was often a pain, it was a world class location, in a world class city. Much of my blood, sweat and tears went into that house, and it’s going to bring someone much joy. I bought it with the thought that someday I’d have children, and those children would be able to wake up to the sound of monkeys, elephants and lions (but mainly monkeys.) While that never happened, I hope whoever takes this house can share that dream.