Along the Great Ocean Road

As our time in Melbourne was limited, we tried to find a few of the highlights to do. We’d talked about renting a car and driving this Great Ocean Road, or maybe driving from Melbourne to Adelaide, but that seemed too risky. We’d had some issues with flying by the seat of our pants, and figured more plans were better than fewer.

The tour bus picked us up at 7:40 AM, and from there we drove out of town, past some god awful Melbourne rush hour traffic, luckily going the other way. We drove through Geelong, which was an industrial suburb of Melbourne. There was a large Ford engine plant there, and something about Ellen DeGeneres wife being from there. From there, we picked up the Great Ocean Road. The trip was more about beauty than it was specific landmarks or nifty cities. There were a few cool things we drove past, such as the house Max lived in before he was Mad Max (I regret not getting a photo), and the beach that Keanu Reeves was supposed to seek out at the end of Point Break (the scene was shot in Oregon, not Oz), and where the surf wear company Rip Curl was founded. We also saw some wild Koalas, which are as cute as you’d expect, but still standoffish, and a bunch of beautiful birds that cover the countryside. We stopped for lunch in Apollo Bay, and I bought some shorts and new shoes, as jeans were a bit much for the weather. It ended up being a pretty long day (back at 9:30), but we saw a bunch of cool parts of Australia.

Here are the photos…

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