A turning point, or Copan – Tikal

This part of my blog has never been written down.    I’m going to  try to recreate it from memory.  It’s only going to get foggier as time past.

I watched the scene in (the two towers?) where Frodo is going to Mordor via the black gate, Smeagol tells him about another way – a better way. I took that to heart.  I decided to go no further.  This was too stressful, and not fun at all.   I’ve decided to return to the States, and make my way back to Seattle.

From Coban, I decide to head back via Tikal, in Guatemala.  I don’t remember too much about this leg of the trip, but Tikal was somewhat interesting.  The first night I was there I got a hotel near the ruins that let you get into the park early (Photographers Curse.)  It was pretty interesting in that it was pretty isolated.  We had a somewhat early dinner, and retired shortly after sunset.  There was only one generator for the entire place, and it shut down about 30 minutes after dark.  Once the generator shut down, it was somewhat noisy.  It was insects, monkeys, birds and god knows what else.    There was also a young-ish (honeymoon?) couple.  This first night they were fighting quite a bit.   Very unpleasant to say the least.

The next morning we get up early to be first at the ruins.  It was pretty cool, which was unexpected since you’re in the foggy (steamy?) jungle.  We were in a group of about seven people (including the newlyweds.)  The complete ruins are huge, and there were many really cool things to see.  On the tour, they just took us to the biggest, most impressive ruins (the tallest temples), but then let us run loose.   After wandering around for a while, I found myself chasing some monkeys in a tree with my camera.  There was a chubby British girl doing the same thing.  We spent some time looking at the monkeys, and spend the next few hours together.  I was  a nice respite from the solitude.   After going our separate ways, it was time for dinner at the hotel again, and then an early night.  The honeymoon couple had made up, and were making love just as loudly as they were arguing last night.  Eeeww…