Why my iPad 3 has Verizon LTE

I was thinking back to an earlier post, about AT&T’s 3G coverage. This time around, I finally had a choice to go with Verizon. It’s LTE, which is a better technology (and AT&T’s LTE is probably similar, but there isn’t LTE in Seattle for AT&T.)  Here’s the results for my new Verizon LTE iPad (ignore where it says iPhone. I’m using the same app on both the iPhone and iPad, but it’s not a universal app.)

Verizon LTE

For comparison, I went back and tested my iPhone again, now with a new 4G icon. The last time I did this, just about two years ago, I was about half a mile away from where I’m at now. Two years, and half a mile closer to Seattle, and I get this.


This is much better, but I’m in so close to Downtown Seattle that I was looking at Pike Place Market from the window of my office. For those not familiar, this is about as close to the heart of Seattle as you can be.

Now that the iPad has the same connectivity as I do at home, it’s a true take anywhere device. As an IT guy, I’m glad to be able to work anywhere (even though the iPad isn’t officially supported.)  I don’t think AT&T is quite there yet, but I expect my new Verizon LTE iPhone 5 will be.