The Internet Down Under

My post were sparse to begin with, but recently I’ve started catching up. But you’ll notice that there aren’t many photos. Why? Because the Internet sucks in Australia and New Zealand. When I first moved in with Tom and Felicity the connection was good, but not great. It also may have been the reason for some of Tom’s frustration.

Once we got on the road, I found the Internet access to be spotty. At our first hotel, I didn’t get online, if only because we were otherwise occupied. In the second hotel (Strathfield), we had no TV, much less Internet, but then again, I kept my laptop close to my chest (literally) to stop any hobo stabbings that might occur. The third hotel had access, but I don’t remember how much it cost. It wasn’t cheap, and it was only 512K. The third hotel, in Melbourne was $16 for the same 512K, and it never got better. Perth was $22 for the same 512K, but I joined the Hotel Frequent Flier Club to get it for $11 instead of $22. Oddly enough, when we got to Alice Springs, the access was better than anywhere else we’d been. It was expensive – $16, but it was pretty fast, and we were in one of the most isolated places in the world. I had hoped it would get better, but it didn’t. Back in Sydney, at the Formule 1 hotel, it was $20 for 3 hours, with a download limit of 50 Mb. On to Auckland, it was $30 for 100MB over 24 hours. It’s like living in 1990, and it’s very annoying. That’s why there aren’t many photos.

All in all, the access sucks. I somewhat expected it, since Australia is pretty isolated, but I don’t like it. When I get back to Seattle, or wherever we settle, I intent to splice the Ethernet cable into my arm, and try to create some sort of Borg like person. Then I’ll get Comcast, which sucks, but is fast, and a backup DSL line (cause Comcast sucks.)