Symantec Service Center Console (SSCS) primary server disabled

I never would have figured this out on my own. When I came in this morning and opened Symantec Service Center Console (SSCS), I saw a small, downward pointing arrow on our SAV server, indicating that this server was disabled. After poking around the server for about an hour, and google-ing repeatedly, I called Symantec Platinum Support. The problem? There is a reg key (listed below) that increments by one every time SSCS is started. It’s not supposed to stop until 255 (why stop at all – I don’t know.) Ours was only up to 188.

To Fix:

Stop the services “Symantec AntiVirus”
Using regedit, edit this key –
Change Hexadecimal to Decimal, and set the value to 1
Exit regedit
Restart the service “Symantec AntiVirus”

Please note that we are using an old version of SAV ( The current version of v10 is, and this issue does not apply.