Slightly better fonts for the OS-X terminal

I like the fonts in Terminal well enough. However, I like the fonts in the Gnome terminal even better. Here is how to replace them.

Download Bitstream Vera Sans
Open the file
Double click on VeraMono.ttf
Click Install Font
Open Terminal and go into preferences (choose the setting you normally use.  I like Homebrew.)
Click Change and select “Bitstream Vera Sans” with a size of 12. I created a new group in the far right called “Terminal” to hold fonts I found later. Drag the “Bitstream Vera Sans” font there for easier selection next time. Close the window.
You really want to check the box for “Antialias text” under Text

Other enjoyable, publicly available fonts include Inconsolata and Droid Sans Mono.

Edit -> 19 March 2011.  From Thomas Fuchs, the Meslo LG DZ.