Aluminium Apple Keyboard: Special features


Exposé = Show all windows
Command-Exposé = Show desktop
Control-Exposé = Show windows in current application
Option-Exposé = Dashboard and Exposé preferences


Option-Dashboard = Dashboard and Exposé preferences


Option-volume mute, volume up or volume down = Sound preferences
Shift-volume up or volume down = Change volume without feedback sounds (or vice verse if you have feedback sounds disabled)


Option-brightness up or down = Display preferences

Not new to the aluminium keyboards, but noteworthy

Control-eject = Show options for shutting down, sleep and restart (then press s, r or enter)
Control-command-eject = Restart without confirmation
Control-command-shift-eject = Shut down without confirmation
Command-option-eject = Sleep without confirmation

I’m really glad to have “show desktop” back as I’ve missed it since using my new keyboard (yes, I realise fn-F11 or F11 could have been used, but fn-F11 is awkward and F11 requires disabling the volume keys). Command-Exposé is surprisingly ergonomic.

Now I can start writing an email, “show desktop”, find my attachment and drag-exposé it into mail. I recommend trying this if you haven’t already… it’s a lot of fun and very productive.

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Apple has a complete list HERE