Cars and Motorcycles of Mexico

Ever since crossing the border, I’ve been fascinated by the cars and motorcycles they have here. Most of the cars here are newer, which is different than the sterotype that people have.

The cars are pretty cool, and generally different. People with a LOT of money drive Suburbans, and generally only Suburbans. They are a large percentage of the traffic on the toll roads, since only rich people can afford the tolls. Most of the other cars are pretty economical, and some of them are just dang cute. I could see myself driving the Ford XA. One reason people drive the economical cars is that gas is a LOT more expensive here. It cost about $16/US to fill a relatively empty tank, compared with $10-12 for the US when gas prices were very high. Gas is taking a much larger chunk of my budget than I thought it would.

The bikes generally are older, and almost all of them are small – 125 or 150, with a few 250s. Yesterday (8/24/4) I saw my first Harley, followed by another one about 10 minutes later. Someone in town has a Ductati Dual Sport, and there are a few BMW F650’s in town. On Saturday ( 8/21/4 ) I saw about a dozen BMW’s pull into the Zocalo. They drove in from Mexico City for the night, taking the same road I took from Mexico Districto Federale. I guess that means it’s a pretty good road, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken it. They didn’t seem very social, so I didn’t chat long. On to the Pictures