Set BeyondTV to showsqueeze HD recordings


When Automatic ShowSqueeze is enabled via the ViewScape (SETTINGS –> SHOWSQUEEZE AND SMARTSKIP SETTINGS), high-definition (HD) recordings are not affected.


This is by design, because HD recordings are in such high quality, and so large, that it takes significantly longer for them to complete. In testing, this resulted in an accumulating backup of ShowSqueeze / SmartSkip jobs on heavily used machines. ShowSqueeze for HD recordings must therefore, by default, be initiated on a per-recording basis.

The user can override this setting to force HD ShowSqueeze to comply with the “Automatic” setting, but this should be used with care. This modification is recommended only for advanced users as it involves altering Beyond TV’s SETTINGS.XML file.

To change this setting, first exit Beyond TV from its system tray icon. Then open SETTINGS.XML, which is located in “\documents and settings\all users\application data\snapstream” on the system drive, in a text editor. Insert the following text between a </Property> and a <Property> tag:


To undo this change, either change the “Value” to 0, or delete the entry.