Books I want

  • The X Man: A Look Into the Soul of the Sao Paulo Assasin – Bruno Paes Manso
  • Sudhir Venkatesh’s new book on the underground economy. – By Patrick Radden Keefe – Slate Magazine — <>
  • THE BIRTHDAY PARTY A Memoir of Survival – By Stanley N. Alpert – 306 pages. G. P. Putnam’s Sons. $24.95.
  • Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army: Books: Jeremy Scahill Thanks Justine!!
  • Poor People – William T. Vollmann

The following three books are about the cultural roots of violence of culture in the South, which has always intrigued me, a product of that culture.

  • Culture of Honor: The Psychology of Violence in the South
  • Albion’s seed : four British folkways in America / by David Hackett Fischer.
  • Days of Darkness – John Ed Pearce

How about a little country music

  • Pure Country: The Leon Kagarise Archives, 1961-1971

A Photography book

  • Seeing Mexico Photographed: The Work of Horne, Casasola, Modotti and Álvarez Bravo by Leonard Folgarait – ISBN: 9780300140927