Honolulu, Hawaii

There was quite a long flight (8 and a half hours) from Auckland to Honolulu, which took us from across the international date line. Justine was very excited about gaining back her lost day which meant an extra day in Hawaii, and I was excited about getting younger. Once we got into the Honolulu airport, I started noticing things were subtly different. First, it was the airport. It was a little bit more run down than any airport I’d seen on this adventure.
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Leaving Sydney was bittersweet. The weather had changed, so it wasn’t quite like leaving paradise, and we stayed in a horrible hotel. Our flight was quite early the next morning (~7 AM), getting us into Auckland early in the afternoon. Usually you think of New Zealand as being right next to Australia (I call it Australia’s Canada), but it was a 3 hour flight. While we were flying into Auckland, I was able to see the waters below, and they were much more beautiful – clear and green – than the waters I’d seen going into Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Coming through customs, the Customs Agent remarked upon the number of stamps in my passport, which always makes me happy (it’s happened a few times before).
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The Internet Down Under

My post were sparse to begin with, but recently I’ve started catching up. But you’ll notice that there aren’t many photos. Why? Because the Internet sucks in Australia and New Zealand. When I first moved in with Tom and Felicity the connection was good, but not great. It also may have been the reason for some of Tom’s frustration.
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Leaving Australia

We woke up from our lovely tent at the “King’s Canyon Wilderness Lodge”, or at least I did. Justine slept in while I got up for a early morning hike. Earlier, when I mentioned where we were staying, I didn’t yet know about the coffee maker. It was magical, and at 5 AM, I fell in love with it. You press a button, and one fantastic cup of coffee comes out. It was the best coffee I’d had in Australia, and all it took was the push of one little button. My driver took me to the hike where we’d walk into King’s Canyon and then around it where I met up with a few other people. A Canadian couple that retired early (55). The man looked like Mark Filler. They were both in the Oil and Gas industry (I was corrected when I said Gas and Oil), and an older Canadian woman that we spent a good amount of time with – she was on most of our bus trip. She was probably in her 70’s, and kept up with me easily (mainly because I was taking many photos.) The hike wasn’t too hard, but I was somewhat sore afterwards. Interestingly enough the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was filmed here. I’ve not seen it, as I’m not big on my Transvestite Cinema, but I intend to catch up when I return to the States.
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