The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism is a 2,000-year-old mechanical computer salvaged from a Roman shipwreck. Detailed imaging of the mechanism suggests it dates back to 150-100 BC and had 37 gear wheels enabling it to follow the movements of the moon and the sun through the zodiac, predict eclipses and even recreate the irregular orbit of the moon. No other civilization is believed to have created anything as complex for another 1,000 years

I don’t pretend to know anything other than how freakin’ cool this is. I wonder what the world would have been like had this path been followed.  I got this information from the Guardian.   There is more at Wikipedia.

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  1. What do you mean? That thousand years when it seems no civilization did shit was when the Christians had their way. So we blame them for making goblets and other utensils out of lead.

    What really brought down the Romans was ditching democracy and the Senate and going to a more powerful Emperor… kinda like we’re doing now in the U.S. I’m pretty sure GWB must’ve played with a lot of lead toys. But he’s just a harbinger for what’s to come, what with all the exciting new lead toys made in China today.

    Oh crap, I did it again. Had a couple of beers, hit the internet and started to rant…

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