Travels in Mexico

8-8-4 Juarez to Parral 01.JPG
Hot dusty road out of Juarez
8-8-4 Parral 01.JPG
Neat Parral Building
8-8-4 Parral Rainbow 05.JPG
Parral Rainbow - Original
8-8-4 Parral Rainbow Cropped.jpg
Parral Rainbow
8-10-4 Zacatecas 107.JPG
Zacatecas Church
8-10-4 Zacatecas 040.JPG
Zacatecas Church
8-10-4 Zacatecas 050.JPG
Beautiful Building
8-10-4 Zacatecas 065.JPG
Zacatecas - Old Aqueduct
8-10-4 Zacatecas 106.JPG
Zacatecas Church
8-11-4 Guanajuato 040.JPG
Guanajuato Street Scene
8-11-4 Guanajuato 044.JPG
Guanajuato Church
8-11-4 Guanajuato 079.JPG
Guanajuato Church
8-11-4 Guanajuato 099.JPG
Colorful Guanajuato
8-12-4 Guanajuato 002.JPG
Guanajuato Teatro Juarez
8-12-4 Guanajuato 021.JPG
Guanajuato Wall fixture
8-12-4 Guanajuato 038.JPG
Guanajuato Street Scene
8-12-4 Guanajuato 079.JPG
Guanajuato Building Entrance
8-12-4 Guanajuato 081.JPG
University of Guanajuato

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