At the trailhead Start of the trail. Impressive ruins from first day I don't know the name of these ruins, but they were very impressive.  There will be many more of these. First Day, on top of the world You can almost make out a rainbow. First Campsite On our first night, we camped in the backyard of this families house. First Campsite 2 Another view of our Campsite for the first night.  This is where we ate dinner. Bathroom First Night Stairs down to the bathroom.  Thank god for being a man. On top of the world Looking pretty studly, eh? Cameron Proof I made it We are almost at 14,000 ft.  There were a lot of people happy to be there. Proof I'm a better photographer than Lou Lou was one of them. Campsite, second night New Years Eve, mountain style. Ruins in the mist More ruins, but with a nice mood to it. Waterfall on third day I finally figured out how to slow my shutter speed enough to get a picture like this. Ruins approaching MP - third day These ruins are supposed to be shaped like a (real) human heart, when seen from above.  I liked the picture. Porters Our porters.  I don't think you can see stinky in here though.  Notice they are all small guys, but they carried up to 45 Kilos/90 pounds.  I suppose I'd smell bad too (but then I'd bathe.) Impressive terracing - MP William, our guide Our guide, with printed information. Tasty Llamas - MP LLamas wandering around Machu Picchu. MachuPicchu1 MachuPicchu2 A once in a lifetime trip. MachuPicchu3 MachuPicchu4 Altar for sacrfice - MP This was supposed to be a stone for sacrificing various victims. Full View, MP We made it Could we be any studlier. We made it too