TrustyGuide Our Trusty Guide.  Well, our guide anyway. ChurchAtBeginning Church picture, taken from the little village we started our hike from. Donkeys A normal street scene in this part of the world. WhereWeAreGoing A shot down into the Canyon. TheCanyon Another shot into the canyon, but this time with the river showing. GinnyWithPricklyPearFruit We each got some fruit from the Prickly Pear Cactus.  They were OK, but had a ton of seeds. TheBambooPalace Our Toilet in the canyon village.  Thanks God, again, for being a man.  
Cuy We had dinner in this little adobe shack.  There were quite a bunch of Cuy (Guinea Pigs) running around under our feet, and Cuy dropping everywhere.  This is also the kitchen. KitchenFirstNight The kitchen.  Again, adobe. Room1stNight1 Me and Lou's side of the room. VillageAtSunrise The village at the bottom of the canyon at sunrise. MountainsAndStore Another sunrise photo.  The mountains are in the background, and  the local store (with advertising) in the foreground. MeAndCuteLittleGirl Cute little girl.  She was the child of the family we were staying with.  She was very cute, and followed me around, staring.  I wanted a picture with her, but I don't think she wanted a picture with me. VillageChurch1 This primitive church, at the bottom of the Canyon, is only opened twice a year for festivals. VillageChurch2 Another view - hopefully showing it's relationship to the mountains. HolyWeekCross This cross was supposed to be put up for some religous festival that occurs twice a year.  I think it was Holy Week and, well, I don't know the other occasion. OurPool I was looking to take a picture of the pool we were going to frolic in.  I framed it with Ginny in the way, with the intention of asking her to move, but the look she gave was too good to not use.   The pool was pretty fun, but not real warm.  Oh, and the bugs were horrible. DinnerLastNight Dinner the last night was in a pub playing music videos, but the light was only candlelight.  When they needed something from behind the bar, they would turn on an electric light, but only for a short period of time. RoomLastNight This was great.  Initially they tried placing three guys (Pete, Lou and I) into two beds.  So they ended up sticking five of us into one room.  No heat, but a hot shower.  We shared a bottle of red wine (Gato Negro), drinking out of waterbottles carved up. CactusArt Art.  Taken as we left the Canyon Village. CactusFlowerYellow Just a flower. CactusFlowerWhite My favorite picture from this trip. CactusFlower3 Art. CondorOverlook4 Another view from the Condor overlook.  We were very high, and it felt like we were on top of the world. ChurchAsWeLeave Picture from the Village we left and started from. CondorOverlook This is the view from the Condor overlook.  It was like being on top of the world. CondorOverlook2 Again, mountain view. Condor I don't know if you can tell it or not, but I got a pretty decent picture of the Condor, flying below us.  The Condor blends in pretty well with the mountains. PeteLookingCool Pete, being cool and looking warm at the same time. SnowOnTheWayToArequipa Going back to Arequipa, we went through quite a bit of fresh snow.  We are pretty high up here, something like 11,000 feet.