01-15-2005-Puno Onoe of those crazy tricycles.
IMG_2093 That's me, as I'm entering Bolivia.
Copacabana_Bolivia_010 Copacabana_Bolivia_016 Copacabana_Bolivia_019 Copacabana_Bolivia_025 Copacabana_Bolivia_028 Copacabana_Bolivia_030 The famous Cathedral Copacabana_Bolivia_047 This is where I ate. _MG_2249 And this is what I ate.  $3 with a soda.
Copacabana_Bolivia_064 Blessed Vehicle. Copacabana_Bolivia_079 View from up above Copacabana_Bolivia_081 Crosses on top of the hill. Copacabana_Bolivia_110 IMG_2102 These are the boats we crossed Lake Titicaca on.
IMG_2103 Another view of the boat crossing.
IMG_2104 This is what the minibus crossed on.