Push SSH public keys to multiple host

I’m starting a new job where I need to have my SSH keys pushed to hundreds of Red Hat servers. The special sauce is a command called ssh-copy-id. However, using this command requires you answering a (yes/no) question, then shortly thereafter enter your password. Painful. Here’s how push your keys without the pain.

Basic Samba-Active Directory troubleshooting using wbinfo

This document is intended to step you through some of the basics of troubleshooting samba connectivity with your domain controller, using wbinfo.   This is not intended to show you how to configure Samba to talk to your domain controller.  Others have done a much better job that I can. winbind must be running in …

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Setup logging for Varnish – The right way

Initially, logging Varnish didn’t really work that well. Varnish, by default, doesn’t log (varnishncsa can do some logging, but I haven’t figured that out yet.) I’ve been parsing my logs with JAWstats, which reads the Apache logs. However, by default, varnish will replace the IP address of the originating client with the IP address of …

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