Push SSH public keys to multiple host

I’m starting a new job where I need to have my SSH keys pushed to hundreds of Red Hat servers. The special sauce is a command called ssh-copy-id. However, using this command requires you answering a (yes/no) question, then shortly thereafter enter your password. Painful. Here’s how push your keys without the pain.

Somewhat obscure OS-X keyboard shortcuts

I love these various shortcuts.  Most are somewhat obscure, or at least were to me. To open Quick Look in full screen mode Command+Option+Y Command+Option+Y To open a new Finder window (with no other finder windows open.) Hold down Command and Command + Tab until you get to the Finder. Once the Finder is highlighted, …

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Record encrypted cable channels using your Mac

In Seattle, Comcast has been moving most of the channels from unencrypted QAM to encrypted QAM. That means that things I used to be able to record with my EyeTV and HD Homerun setup no longer work. I’ve heard rumors that you could install the Apple firewire SDK and record using the FireWire output of …

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