No guest OS heartbeats are being received

When moving a VM, you might see this error message “Migration from <server.> No guest OS heartbeats are being received.  Either the guest OS is not responding or VMware tools is not configured properly.” The tools have to re-establish their status to ESX, and then to the Virtual Center.  The warning won’t prevent migration, but …

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Using Active Directory for ESX 3.5 Authentication

Very easy, and quite basic. The first command lets you use AD for authentication, and only authentication. You need to add the user, as ESX still expect to find the user in the /etc/password file. esxcfg-auth –enablead –addomain=<> –addc=<> useradd <my_ad_username>esxcfg-auth –enablead –addomain=<> –addc=<> useradd <my_ad_username>

Windows CPL from the Command Line

Accessibility Options – access.cpl Add/Remove Programs – appwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz.cpl Automatic Updates – wuaucpl.cpl Bluetooth Properties – bthprops.cpl Display Properties – desk.cpl Firewall Properties – firewall.cpl Game Controllers – joy.cpl Internet Options – inetcpl.cpl iSCSI Initiator – iscsicpl.cpl Java Control Panel – jpicpl32.cpl Licensing Mode – liccpa.cpl Mouse Properties – main.cpl Network …

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Nupsstadur Farm near Lomagnupur Peak

This photo is from the Nupsstadur (Núpsstaður) Farm near Lomagnupur Peak in Southern Iceland.  This is a Unesco World Heritage site, and this is what they say about it. The aesthetic beauty of the landscape in Núpsstaður is well known. The area reaches from the seashore and the black sands, to high white glaciers and …

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