Screenshot tips for OS-X

To change your screenshot format (jpg, tiff, png, and pdf are all supported, with png being the default.) defaults write type PDFdefaults write type PDF To take a screenshot of the entire screen Command+Shift+3Command+Shift+3 To take a screenshot of a portion of the screen Command+Shift+4Command+Shift+4

Show hidden files in OS-X

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finderdefaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder To hide hidden files defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE killall Finderdefaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE killall Finder

Disable the Dashboard in OS-X

I don’t like Dashboard in OS-X. defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES killall Dockdefaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES killall Dock change YES to NO and rerun the series of commands to enable Dashboard