Automount in OS-X 10.5

In /etc/fstab <IP or Name>:/TV x url net,automounted,url==cifs://<User Name>:<Password>@<IP or Name>/TV 0 0 From what I can find out, the third field (x) is where you want the share mounted. However, this doesn’t seem to work. All shares default to /Network/Servers/<IP>/TV

Setting up your RSS feed for BeyondTV

HOW TO SET UP RSS FEEDS FOR BEYOND TV: The base URL http://<IP>:8129/RssToday.aspx?Display=RU&Links=N The options for the different RSS feeds are as follows: D – Disk space R – Recent recordings U – Upcoming Recordings B – Blocked Recordings S – Show Squeeze and Links is Y or N. Examples – Upcoming and recent recordings …

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Set BeyondTV to showsqueeze HD recordings

DESCRIPTION: When Automatic ShowSqueeze is enabled via the ViewScape (SETTINGS –> SHOWSQUEEZE AND SMARTSKIP SETTINGS), high-definition (HD) recordings are not affected. ARTICLE: This is by design, because HD recordings are in such high quality, and so large, that it takes significantly longer for them to complete. In testing, this resulted in an accumulating backup of …

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